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Smiles Forever Foundation Smiles Forever Foundation is a non-profit 501 © (3) organization dedicated to empowering girls and young women in South America while providing needed preventative dental care.  

Smiles Forever is unique in that it give homeless young women a chance to build a career, particularly where the need is great. Since Smiles Forever involvement in this community and county the "magic" has unfolded.
Smiles Forever Bolivia Bolivia…landlocked…the poorest country in South America...possibly the entire world. Yet rich in natural resources and culture…65% of the population is indigenous.

Smile Forever Foundation believes it is important to invest in programs that are culturally sensitive, educate and encourage the population to develop and value their own country. We can no longer accept patchwork humanitarianism as the solution to global problems.
Smiles Forever Dental Hygiene Training Clinic In 2002, the Smiles Forever Foundation developed a two-year dental hygiene training program for indigenous young women living at the "Madre de Dios" homeless shelter in Cochabamba, Bolivia. 

Using the founders resources as well as private donations it was made possible to create a two chair fully updated dental clinic "training center". 
Smiles Forever Community Service Keeps Growing... Smiles Forever Foundation has implemented several community service projects throughout the years.

With the help of many generous US and Bolivian volunteers, the teaching staff and students of the dental hygiene school, rural communities in the area have benefited from education on proper oral health care and fluoride treatment projects.

CHECK OUT VIDEOS BELOW...see what's new at Smiles Forever in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Founder, Sandy Kemper Interview (left)...Smiles Forever Dental Hygiene Training Clinic (right)

Interview with Sandy Kemper, Founder of Smiles Forever ::  Directing, Camera & Editing: Anneleen Ophoff Video Tour of Smiles Forever Clinic, Cochabamba, Bolivia  :: Directing, Camera & Editing: Anneleen Ophoff


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